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    Faith and Health

    Why Thankfulness Matters: 5 Impressive Health Benefits of Gratitude  

    Since receiving a chronic illness diagnosis many years ago, I have always been on the lookout for new things to try in order to feel better. (Especially if those things are simple, easy, and don’t require taking another medication.)  As it turns out, when God commands us to “give thanks in all circumstances” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) He knew it would not only make us feel good, but it would also work for our good.   Because there are some amazing health benefits to practicing gratitude.   Who knew something as simple as saying, “thank you” could go a long way in improving our overall health and mood. (Well, obviously God did!) What is…

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    Bible Study

    10 Powerful Lessons From the Book of Ruth

    When I was first diagnosed with a chronic illness, it felt like my life had been shattered. All my hopes, plans, and dreams for my future were ruined. The reality of what I was facing overwhelmed my heart. And it felt like my whole world was falling apart.   Have you ever been there?   In a place where you realize life is never going to be the same? A place where you’ve cried out to God over and over again in prayer … and yet your prayers seem to be met with nothing but silence? A place where you feel lost and all alone in the struggles you’re facing?  Have you…

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    Bible Verses

    40 Comforting Bible Verses for Healing from Trauma  

    When I first became a Christian, I thought my life would be easy. I thought if I did all the right things like going to church, reading my Bible, and making time for daily prayer . . . then God would bless me with an easy life. But then I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. And through that awful experience God completely changed my perspective. The truth is Jesus never promised us an easy, comfortable life. In fact, He told us it would be the exact opposite. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But…

  • Two women fighting and pointing fingers.
    Spiritual Growth

    5 Easy Steps for Honoring Christ When You Feel the Need to Be Right 

    In a small village, there were two women that got into a terrible dispute they could not resolve so they decided to talk to the wise, old town sage.   The first woman went into the sage’s home and told him her version of what had happened. When she had finished, the sage said, “You’re absolutely right.”   The second woman then went into the sage’s home and told him her version of what happened. When she had finished, the sage said, “You’re absolutely right.”  Afterward, the sage’s wife scolded her husband, “Those two women told you two completely different stories, and you told them they were both absolutely right. But that…

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    Spiritual Growth

    10 Eye-Opening Reasons Why Friends Are Important in Our Life

    One of the things on my bucket list is to visit the huge redwood trees in California.   These trees are considered the largest living things on earth and the tallest trees in the world.    Some of them are over 300 feet high and over 2,500 years old.    You would think that with these trees being so large and being in an area prone to storms and earthquakes, they would have a tremendous root system, reaching down hundreds of feet into the earth.    But they don’t.   In fact, most of their roots are found only in the top 3 feet of soil.    How can roots that only go down 3 feet…

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    Faith and Health

    5 Incredible Benefits of Admitting You Need Help While Dealing with Poor Health 

    When I was first diagnosed with a chronic illness, I felt like all my hopes, plans, and dreams for my future were ruined. My situation felt hopeless. I was overwhelmed, depressed, and angry.   And in my bitterness and sorrow, I tried to push everyone away.   I didn’t need anyone to feel sorry for me. To have pity on me. And I certainly didn’t want my suffering to cause suffering for anyone else.   Life had knocked me down. But I could handle it on my own. I didn’t need any help. I would pull myself up by my own bootstraps.   I was a strong, independent woman. And I was bound and…

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    Spiritual Growth

    How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others So You Can Find JOY!

    When you compare yourself to others you end up feeling pretty awful. But God can help you learn how to stop comparing yourself to others so you can find JOY! But before we dive into this topic a little deeper, can I ask you a quick question? Why did Eve eat the fruit? Listen to this:   “You won’t die!” the serpent replied to the woman. “God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.”   -Genesis 3:4-5 NLT Eve ate the fruit because she thought it would make her like God. She compared herself to…

  • Two women arguing. One is truned away with her hand raised. And the other is yelling while trying to grab the other woman's arm.
    Spiritual Growth

    When Christians Disagree: 6 Very Important Things to Keep in Mind 

    Think about this for a moment.   What do you want people to say about you when you’re gone? What words would you want them to use to describe you?  How about words like:  Yep, I think most of us would like to be remembered by these kinds of words, right?  Now, how about these words:  Yeah, no thank you. I don’t think anyone of us wants to be described by these words. And yet, unfortunately, for 2 women in the Bible, they are forever known for being disagreeable. For fighting with each other and refusing to cooperate.   Out of all the things they could have been remembered for. This is…

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    Spiritual Growth

    Why Unity in the Church Is SO Important & 8 Ways You Can Help 

    When Jesus knew His time on Earth was about to come to an end, He decided to have dinner with His friends. He washed their feet. Ate yummy food. And then He prayed over them.     As He prayed for them, He knew these were some of the last words He would ever speak to them, which helps us realize their importance. In general, people choose their last words wisely because those words are what they want people to remember.    If Jesus’s last words reveal what was important to Him . . . then they also reveal what should be important to us as followers of Jesus.       So, what were Jesus’s…

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    Spiritual Growth

    How to Get into the Christmas Spirit: 10 Easy & Simple Ways to Find More JOY 

    Sometimes I struggle with feeling the Christmas Spirit. Sometimes I have a hard time feeling joyful during this time of year. Sometimes I think about all the things I need to do to prepare for the upcoming holidays . . . and it just makes me feel overwhelmed and stressed out.    For a while, I would chastise myself for this.    After all, I’m a Christian.    Christmas is when I celebrate the birth of my Savior and King. I should be happy. I should be in a good mood. I should look forward to it.    But sometimes, if I’m brave enough to admit it, my heart just isn’t into it.    But…