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    Bible Study

    13 Amazing Ways the Power of the Holy Spirit Works in You

    The person and power of the Holy Spirit was first seen at the dawn of creation when by His power the entire world came into being. (Genesis 1:1-2)  In the OT the Holy Spirit’s power was seen when He empowered men to do the will of God. He worked in them and through them to accomplish things they normally would not have been able to do.   But this power wasn’t permanent. (Psalm 51:11) Then came the NT.   After Jesus ascended to Heaven the Holy Spirit descended to be with us. Permanently.   Because of Jesus’s death on the cross, the Holy Spirit and His power now dwells within every believer.   Jesus…

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    33 Uplifting Scriptures for Encouraging Others 

    When my children were younger, they loved to watch shows about animals. Especially lions.   One of the most interesting episodes we watched showed a lion stalking a herd of water buffalo.   The lion always looks for the prey that is weak and all alone. But the water buffalo know this. And so, the stronger animals surround the weak, young, and elderly whenever they sense danger.  The Bible talks about the devil being a roaring lion who is seeking someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) He likes to look for the Christian who is weak and all alone.   Just like the water buffalo, we can surround our friends and loved ones…

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    Spiritual Growth

    10 Convincing Reasons to Trust God in All Circumstances

    I’ve said I trust God many times throughout my life. I’ve declared my faith in Him. My belief that He loves me and is for me.  But if I am honest, while the words came out of my mouth . . . they didn’t come out of my heart.   Because while trusting God is easy when everything is going right. It’s a lot harder to keep trusting God in difficult times.  When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, I discovered the difference between saying you trust God and living out of that trust.   Because I spent years praying for God to take this illness away . . .…

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    Bible Study

    35 Reassuring Bible Verses on Fear and Anxiety

    FEAR. It is something we all face in life. We fear bad news. We fear getting sick. We fear losing the ones we love.   Every day it seems the news brings us new reasons to fear.   But if you look at what the Bible says about fear and anxiety, you will quickly figure out that God doesn’t want you to live trapped by your fears. Paralyzed by the things you dread. Stuck in an endless cycle of worrying.   Jesus came to set you free.   The Holy Spirit who lives inside you can empower you to live with confident trust. To have faith that no matter what comes your way, you…

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    Spiritual Growth

    10 Powerful Ways God Heals Us Today

    One of God’s names is Jehovah-Rophe which means “to heal and restore”.  I love this name because living with a chronic illness, means I pray to God for healing A LOT.  And yet, every day I still struggle with many frustrating symptoms.   Maybe you are in that place.   You’ve cried out to God again and again. Only to have your prayers met with silence.  When suffering from health issues, it can be hard to wait for God to move. To constantly wonder if today will be the day He will finally heal you.  The problem is we often expect God to heal us in the way we want Him to and…

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    33 Encouraging Psalms for Hard Times

    Life can be hard. And that, quite frankly, is putting it nicely.   When we are suffering through hard times, it can be difficult to put our thoughts together. It can feel impossible to pray. It can seem like the darkness will never end.   And I think that is why God gave us the Psalms.  The psalms are beautiful poems full of heart-wrenching honesty to the point of despair. That is then paired with declarations of God’s goodness.   The Psalms inspire us to go to God with everything. (Even the things we would rather not admit out loud.) But while the Psalms show us it is okay to let it all…

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    Spiritual Growth

    Does God Still Heal Today? 3 Important Steps to Take

    Does God still heal today?   As someone who has suffered for over 10 years with a chronic illness, this is a question I have pondered quite often. Especially because so far, God hasn’t healed me yet.   As Christians, we may say we believe God can heal us. But do we really? Or are there some doubts hiding within our hearts?  I don’t know about you, but while I totally believe God CAN heal me.   I’m not always so sure He WILL.   What does the Bible say about healing today?  If you read through the life of Jesus, you see that physical healing was his most common miracle.   Those miracles were the…

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    33 Reassuring Bible Verses on God’s Promises

    According to some estimates, there are more than 8000 promises in the Bible. That is a lot of promises!   So, what are some of God’s promises to us in the Bible?   Well, God promises to be with us. To fight for us. That if we seek Him, we will find Him. That if we believe in Him, we will have eternal life. That He will forgive us. That He will comfort, encourage, and strengthen us.   And so much more.   “And the Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.” -Romans 15:4b NLT The following Bible verses on God’s promises are just a…

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    Spiritual Growth

    Living with Faith and Perseverance: 10 Steps to Steady Progress

    One of the hardest things about living with a chronic illness is realizing your suffering is never going to end. That you will always struggle with this debilitating health condition.   While you will have good days and bad days . . . it will never completely go away.  And that can be quite disheartening.   But God doesn’t want us to stay in this place. He wants to show us a way to hold onto hope even while dealing with a health issue that won’t let go.  Because as we lean on Him . . . He gives us the strength to persevere. To keep fighting the good fight. And…

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    35 Inspiring Bible Verses on Faith

    If I am completely honest, even after all my years of being a Christian, I still struggle sometimes with my faith. I find it hard to understand why a good God allows bad things to happen.    I still have many questions.   I still wrestle with doubts.       I still struggle to comprehend how things like a life-long debilitating disease could be a part of God’s plan for me. And yet, I also choose to believe that if He has allowed this difficulty in my life then there MUST be a reason.       Because I know:    He loves me. (Rom. 8:35-39)       He is with me. (Deut. 31:6)       And He can redeem anything to…