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    23 of the BEST Christian Prayer Journals to Enhance Your Quiet Time with God

    One of the most effective coping strategies for dealing with health issues is spending more time in prayer. And prayer journals are great for encouraging us to grow in this area of our spiritual lives.   Prayer journals help us stay accountable and spend regular time journaling out our thoughts to God.   They are also great for keeping track of precious memories and answered prayers. Then later we can read over these things to remind ourselves of how much God has done in our life, and how much we have grown over the years.   The following prayer journals are some of the most amazing Christian prayer journals we have found. They…

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    How to Pray for Healing for Someone Else: Plus 7 Helpful Prayers!

    One of the hardest things in life is watching someone we love suffer. Especially when they’re suffering from health issues. It can make you feel helpless because you don’t know what to do.   You can’t fix it. You can’t make it go away. You can’t even take their place.   But there is something you can do. You can pray.   While it seems like a simple thing to do. Prayer is the most powerful thing you can offer to do for anybody. Because you aren’t just praying and speaking words out loud. You are bringing them before the Lord who adores them.   The One who is in charge of Heaven’s armies.…

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    16 Comforting Prayers for Hard Times 

    We all could use prayers for hard times in life. Because those are the moments we’re feeling weak, and can struggle to find the words to speak.   In those tough times, it can be helpful to read through prayers. To use them to begin our time with God. Like a kind of launching pad for coming before Him.  The following prayers can help to get the conversation started. They can help you begin to pour out your heart before God. So, you can find His comfort and peace even in the middle of difficult things.   Because no matter what you’re facing, He loves you. He is with you. And He…

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    13 Prayers for Clarity When You Don’t Know What to Do 

    There are times in all of our lives when we simply don’t know what to do. Whether we are struggling through a difficult time of need, facing a very tough decision or simply seeking God’s guidance for our life. God loves us. More than we could possibly imagine. So, He cares about the decisions we have to make.   Both the big ones that scare us. And the little ones that worry us.   It’s in these times that we need to seek His infinite knowledge and wisdom to guide us and give us a sense of clarity.   Because His ways are higher than our ways. And His thoughts are higher than…

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    How Does God Answer Prayer? 

    How does God answer prayer? We may find ourselves asking this question for many different reasons. Maybe it feels like our prayers are being met with silence. Maybe it feels like we received an answer and yet God seems to be taking His time delivering on it. Or maybe we’re feeling confused because what we prayed for and what we’re seeing happening in our lives . . . are quite contradictory.   There are many ways God can answer our prayers. He is a loving Father who loves to give good gifts to us. And He is a creative God who loves to do things we wouldn’t expect.   But He…

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    How to Ask God for Something You REALLY Want!  

    Have you ever wondered if it is OK to ask God for something you really want? I mean, God is holy, righteous, and in charge of the whole universe, so does He really care about the little things going on in our lives?  The answer to this common question is ABSOLUTELY!  God wants us to ask Him for things. God wants us to ask Him for help.   To tell Him what we want and need. To bring to Him all of our hopes and dreams.   While He already knows the deepest longings of our hearts, He still wants us to bring these things before Him in prayer.   But there are…

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    7 Reasons Why Our Prayers Are Not Answered and What to Do About It

    Some days it’s difficult for me to hold onto my faith and continue to pray . . . while living with a chronic illness that won’t go away.   After years of praying and praying for healing . . . and hearing nothing, it sometimes feels like God isn’t answering my prayers.   But is that really true?  Are there prayers that God will not answer?  Or is He just not answering my prayers the way I want Him to?  One of the hardest things to face in life is when our prayers go unanswered, and the situation gets worse. In those moments, when our hearts are broken, and the tears won’t stop flowing…

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    10 Fabulous Ways to Pray to Strengthen Your Prayer Life 

    Do you ever struggle with praying? Do you ever get distracted while you pray? Do your prayer times ever feel dry?  Yeah, me too.   I think prayer is one of the biggest struggles for Christians.   And this is probably because our enemy knows the power of prayer.   So, he will do anything to stop us.   This is why trying out different ways to pray can be so good for us. It can help to strengthen our prayer life. And help us connect with God in new ways.   What are the different ways to pray? There are many different ways to pray to God. He loves to connect with us. To…

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    Praying the Names of God: 15 Ways to Revitalize Your Prayer Life  

    Sometimes it can be hard to pray. Because we don’t always know what to say.  And if you are anything like me, it can be so easy to get distracted. Or find yourself in a rut of just repeating the same stuff.   When we find ourselves in these difficult seasons it can help to try something different.   Because when we try new ways to pray, it helps us connect with God in new ways.   And a great way to connect with God is to pray his many names.   Praying Using the Names of God When we pray using the names of God, we are reminded of all the different aspects…

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    How To Become A Mighty Prayer Warrior: 10 Simple Ways

    When I was first diagnosed with a chronic illness, I called on all the prayer warriors I knew to pray for my healing.   I’ve always admired women who are prayer warriors. You know those women who begin to pray and you can almost feel the Heavens moving in response.   Those women who when you ask for prayer, pray for you at that moment right then and there. The ones who always seem to have the right words to say. And sound so eloquent when they pray.    You can hear in their prayers a closeness and intimacy with God.   While I have always wanted to learn how to become a prayer…