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  • woman laying down while ill with tea on a table

    How to Pray for Healing

    When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness the first thing I started to do was pray for healing. I asked other people to pray for me. And then I even went to the elders and had them pray over me and anoint me with oil like it says to do in James. (5:13-15)  But nothing changed.   In fact, for a while, things got harder.   I started to wonder if I was doing something wrong. Perhaps I didn’t have enough faith. Or maybe I was saying something wrong when I prayed. I went to God’s Word to see what the Bible had to say about how to pray for healing.…

  • Woman praying

    Teach Me How to Pray, Lord: The 5 Important Parts of Prayer

    I have always struggled with prayer. It’s not that I don’t want to pray. It’s that there are so many things to do. And only so much time in the day.   Plus, I have a really hard time being still. (Which is funny because since I am living with a chronic illness I seem to sit a lot!) But I find even if I do try and sit still to pray, my mind keeps racing. Instead of praying, I end up going over to-do lists, planning out every part of my day, or winning arguments in my head. (I’m really quite good at this.)  But you can’t really have a relationship…

  • Woman looking up and praying.

    5 Creative Ways to Pray: Unique Prayer Methods

      Do you ever get bored praying? Do you ever get distracted? Or struggle to know what to say?   Come on now. Be honest.   Because I know I sure do. And sometimes it really frustrates me.   I want to be great at prayer. I want to connect with God. To spend time with Him. To talk with Him and listen to Him. I want to be like those awesome prayer warriors I know who begin to pray and you can almost feel Heaven move in response.   Because when you live with a chronic illness as I do, prayer is like a lifeline to the divine. It’s a way I can connect with…