• Woman praying with a lake and mountains in the background.

    10 Fabulous Ways to Pray to Strengthen Your Prayer Life 

    Do you ever struggle with praying? Do you ever get distracted while you pray? Do your prayer times ever feel dry?  Yeah, me too.   I think prayer is one of the biggest struggles for Christians.   And this is probably because our enemy knows the power of prayer.   So, he will do anything to stop us.   This is why trying out different ways to pray can be so good for us. It can help to strengthen our prayer life. And help us connect with God in new ways.   What are the different ways to pray? There are many different ways to pray to God. He loves to connect with us. To…

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    Bible Verses

    27 Compelling Bible Verses on Trusting God in Difficult Times

    Life can be tough.  (Isn’t that an understatement!)  But as Christians, we have a hope we can hold onto. A firm foundation under our feet. And we have the promises of the God who loves us.  A God who is worthy of our trust. However, if we are honest. These things are easy to forget.   Especially in our hardest moments.   This is why we put together this list of Bible verses on trusting God in difficult times. Because we all need reminders sometimes that we really can trust God.    Bible Verses About Strength in Hard Times  These Bible Verses about strength in hard times remind us that God is our strength…

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    Spiritual Growth

    Waiting on God: 4 Important Things to Do In God’s Waiting Room

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Many of us have memorized or at least heard of Jeremiah 29:11. This verse can often be found on Facebook memes, plaques, decorations, coffee mugs, and much more.  Do you know what verse we never see on any of those things?   Jeremiah 29:10.  This verse comes right before Jeremiah 29:11 and it reads:  “You will be in Babylon for seventy years.”   Wait. What????  The Pain of Waiting on God The pain of waiting on God can be seen in this passage.  …

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    Spiritual Growth

    How to Be Bold in Christ So You Can Make a Difference

    In a survey of over 1600 Christians, the number one reason people cited for not sharing their faith was due to fear.   Many of us are scared to talk to people we don’t know.   We fear saying the wrong thing. We worry we won’t be able to answer their questions. Or that we will just end up looking like fools.   We’re afraid of how people will respond.   Will they lash out at us? Make fun of us? Or decide they no longer want to associate with us?   Sharing our faith can also be scary simply because of the culture we live in. It’s nerve-wracking to engage with people who are…

  • Spiritual Growth

    How to Trust in God’s Plan When You Don’t Understand

    When I first received my chronic illness diagnosis, I felt both comforted and devastated.   On the one hand, I was relieved to finally have answers for why I was feeling so awful all the time. But on the other hand, I was frustrated because this condition was chronic.  Which meant it would never go away.    I was going to have to adjust to a life with limited mobility. To accept a new normal. And I did not like it.   Have you ever been there?   In a place where you realize life is never going to be the same?   How do we trust in God’s plan during moments like this? When…

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    Bible Verses

    35 Endearing Bible Verses on God’s Love for Us 

    On the hardest of days of living with a chronic illness, one of the most encouraging things is to think about God’s love for me.   Knowing I am dearly loved by my King, makes my heart want to sing.   It gives me hope on the days full of rain. It gives me peace on the nights full of pain.   And it reminds me that His love has made a way for me to join Him in paradise someday.  This is why I put together a list of 35 endearing Bible verses on God’s love for us.   I pray these reminders will fill your heart with joy, hope, wonder, and adoration…

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    Bible Verses

    30 Bible Verses About Joy That Will Make You Smile!

    Lots of people talk about wanting to find happiness. But joy is a much wiser thing to search for.   Because happiness is based on circumstances. But joy comes from within.   And for the Christian, joy is found in our relationship with Jesus. This is why even in the darkest of circumstances we can still find joy. Because Jesus is always with us.   Joy is important because it is what gives us the strength to get through another day. This is why finding joy is especially important for those of us who suffer from debilitating health conditions. But it can be easy to forget the many reasons we have to be…

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    Faith and Health

    Chronic Illness Burnout: What It Is and 7 Ways to Heal 

    “What’s the point?” I sighed as I stared out the window.   The dark grey skies matched the stormy conditions of my heart.   Recently I had been prescribed a new medication, which had been helpful for other people who had the same health condition as me.   I thought this new medicine would be the answer. To help me walk and stand without feeling dizzy. To help give me more energy.   But after trying it for a few weeks I developed side effects.   Side effects that made it not worth it.   All my hopes were dashed to the ground like giant drops of rain pouring down.    When you live with a chronic…

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    Spiritual Growth

    What is Spiritual Health? (It’s more important than you think!)

    When dealing with health issues, it can be so easy to focus just on our physical health.   Managing the symptoms. Taking our medications. Getting to our doctor and therapy appointments. And all the other things that living with health issues requires of us.  And while it is important to take care of our physical health . . . we are not just physical beings.   We also need to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and most importantly . . . spiritually.  What is spiritual health and why is it important? Spiritual health care is all about taking the time to focus on your soul.   It’s about making it a priority…

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    Praying the Names of God: 15 Ways to Revitalize Your Prayer Life  

    Sometimes it can be hard to pray. Because we don’t always know what to say.  And if you are anything like me, it can be so easy to get distracted. Or find yourself in a rut of just repeating the same stuff.   When we find ourselves in these difficult seasons it can help to try something different.   Because when we try new ways to pray, it helps us connect with God in new ways.   And a great way to connect with God is to pray his many names.   Praying Using the Names of God When we pray using the names of God, we are reminded of all the different aspects…