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    30 of the Best Christmas Bible Verses for Cards

    Many people love to send out Christmas cards, Christmas family picture cards, or Christmas letters.   And the greatest compliment to any of these items is a good Christmas Bible Verse.   But sometimes it can be hard to think of the perfect Scripture to use.   So, we put together this list of 30 of the Best Christmas Bible Verses for cards.   This list will help you find the perfect Scripture to add a beautiful finishing touch to your Christmas cards!  What is a good Bible verse to put in a Christmas card? These Christmas verses are perfect for putting in cards. They beautifully display the Christmas message so you can spread…

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    25 Hope-Filled and Healing Scriptures for the Sick

    It’s one of the hardest places to be. Living with a broken body.   I know. I get it.  I’ve lived for a long time now with a debilitating health condition that affects my everyday life. And yet, every day this health condition also teaches me to lean on Christ.   Because my hope is not in this life. Or in a miraculous healing.   My hope is in the God who loves me.   The God who is with me. Who has promised He will work ALL things out for my good. And who has made a way for me to be with Him for all of eternity.  But while hope for…

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    Faith and Health

    Faith and Healing – It Doesn’t Mean What You Think

    I stared at my phone in shock and disbelief. Tears filled my eyes as I read her message over and over. Finally, I put the phone down and walked away.   But her words followed me.     “If you don’t come to this event, you will never be healed. You don’t have enough faith.”    This lady had invited me to an event that advertised worship, miracles, and healing for anyone who came.   But due to scheduling conflicts, I wasn’t able to go.     I knew she meant well. I knew she just wanted me to be free from the chronic illness plaguing me.    But her words hurt.     And they made me wonder:    But…

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    Spiritual Growth

    How to Be Content in EVERY Circumstance 

    Be content with what you have.  We’ve all heard the saying. We all know we should do this. And while it seems so simple . . . it can be really hard to do. There are many things that can cause us to feel discontent.  The political climate. The state of the economy. The difficult job we are stuck in.   The friends who betray us. The loved ones who walk away from us. The kids who drive us crazy.  The body that betrays us. The pain that won’t go away. The medical diagnosis we were given.  Many times, we have good reasons to be discontent with our lot in life. And yet,…

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    Spiritual Growth

    How to Choose Faith Over Fear When Life Falls Apart

    Questions raced through my mind.   What should I do now? Is this really my new normal? How am I supposed to live like this? When the doctor said it was a chronic condition, did he really mean it would never go away?  I felt scared. Angry. Worried. Anxious. Confused.   Because being diagnosed with a chronic condition meant my life was never going to look the same. I would always struggle. Always suffer.   I would always deal with limitations. Obstacles. And hurdles other people would never have to face.   I didn’t know what to do.   I just knew I was afraid . . . and I didn’t want my life to look…

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    30 Uplifting Bible Verses on Gratitude and Thanksgiving

    We often face moments of grief, sadness, and depression in life.   And when our hearts are breaking over all the hard things we are facing, the last thing we may want to do is count our blessings. But giving thanks moves our focus from all we lack to all we have been given.   There are many benefits of gratitude shown in the Bible.    Because God knows when we learn to cherish all the good things in our life, it becomes easier to handle the hard times.   He wired our brains to release serotonin and dopamine when we think about all we are grateful for. And those chemicals cause us to feel…

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    Spiritual Growth

    13 Amazing Ways the Power of the Holy Spirit Works in You

    The person and power of the Holy Spirit was first seen at the dawn of creation when by His power the entire world came into being. (Genesis 1:1-2)  In the OT the Holy Spirit’s power was seen when He empowered men to do the will of God. He worked in them and through them to accomplish things they normally would not have been able to do.   But this power wasn’t permanent. (Psalm 51:11) Then came the NT.   After Jesus ascended to Heaven the Holy Spirit descended to be with us. Permanently.   Because of Jesus’s death on the cross, the Holy Spirit and His power now dwells within every believer.   Jesus…

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    Bible Verses

    33 Uplifting Scriptures for Encouraging Others 

    When my children were younger, they loved to watch shows about animals. Especially lions.   One of the most interesting episodes we watched showed a lion stalking a herd of water buffalo.   The lion always looks for the prey that is weak and all alone. But the water buffalo know this. And so, the stronger animals surround the weak, young, and elderly whenever they sense danger.  The Bible talks about the devil being a roaring lion who is seeking someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) He likes to look for the Christian who is weak and all alone.   Just like the water buffalo, we can surround our friends and loved ones…

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    Spiritual Growth

    10 Convincing Reasons to Trust God in All Circumstances

    I’ve said I trust God many times throughout my life. I’ve declared my faith in Him. My belief that He loves me and is for me.  But if I am honest, while the words came out of my mouth . . . they didn’t come out of my heart.   Because while trusting God is easy when everything is going right. It’s a lot harder to keep trusting God in difficult times.  When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, I discovered the difference between saying you trust God and living out of that trust.   Because I spent years praying for God to take this illness away . . .…

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    35 Reassuring Bible Verses on Fear and Anxiety

    FEAR. It is something we all face in life. We fear bad news. We fear getting sick. We fear losing the ones we love.   Every day it seems the news brings us new reasons to fear.   But if you look at what the Bible says about fear and anxiety, you will quickly figure out that God doesn’t want you to live trapped by your fears. Paralyzed by the things you dread. Stuck in an endless cycle of worrying.   Jesus came to set you free.   The Holy Spirit who lives inside you can empower you to live with confident trust. To have faith that no matter what comes your way, you…