Enjoy these AWESOME resources to help you on your journey to having a Rich Faith in Poor Health!

A picture of a book and butterflies in the corners. And the words, "Discover the power of a life-changing story. A devotional collection revealing God's faithfulness and transforming power. Discover the extraordinary power of a life changed by Christ. Available on Amazon. All profits go to Compassion International."

Everything was going according to plan. I had a loving husband and three adorable children. I had a good job, big dreams, and a beautiful vision of what I thought my future would look like.

Life was great … until everything changed.

Have you ever been there?

In a place where you realize life is never going to be the same? A place where you’ve cried out to God over and over again in prayer … and yet your prayers seem to be met with nothing but silence? A place where you feel lost and all alone in the struggles you are facing?

Have you ever looked around in confusion at what God is allowing to happen in your life, and then wondered, “Lord, what exactly am I supposed to do now?”

Read more of my story on how God brought me out of this difficult place which is featured in the inspiring devotional book Life-Changing Stories!

With your purchase, you will receive a copy of this inspiring book where 34 authors (including yours truly) share a moment in their lives where a close relationship with Jesus was the remedy for life’s rather difficult circumstances.

And on top of this, you also get to support a great cause as all profits go to Compassion International.

It’s a win-win!

Check it out today!

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Dealing with health issues is difficult. But with Jesus there is hope. Find encouragement and inspiration for living your best life as you manage your health and hold onto Christ! These motivational tips and tricks will help you find peace, comfort, and joy even when life is hard.

We all need reminders of what God has done for us. Verses to hold onto. And encouraging prayers to pray when we don’t know what to say. Which is why we created these FREE resources for you! Use them however you want. Print them off. Hang them up around the house. Put them in your journal. Or pass them on to someone else who could use some hope and encouragement.